Hello to our wonderful Divine Design community!

Six months ago, the team from the Ministry of Social Development approached me to share our story. They visited our workshop in Nelson to understand the heart of Divine Design. It was a day filled with conversation, where we also introduced them to our staff, Alicia and Tia, whom we had the pleasure of employing with the assistance of Flexi-wage.

Recently, the same team from MSD expressed an interest in a follow-up to see our growth and progression. They revisited us at our new pop-up store in Richmond Mall. It was great to showcase the hard work and commitment of our team and to provide insight into how Alicia and Tia have been flourishing.

The video is below for those interested in our journey and to hear our shared stories.



Unbelievable to think we are fast approaching April, does anyone else feel like they blinked & missed the first 1/4 of the year!

Well an update from us we have been running since the 9th of Jan when we opened a pop up store in the local mall & moved out of the home garage! This was a big scary step for us & still is scary most days navigating the long staffing hours & covering the costs of running a retail store, but it is such a great step forward & im loving leaving the house to head out to work after working from home for about 10 years around my children. When we took the space it was a concrete shell but we are loving the process of making it look our own, its still a work in progress but we are so grateful for the local suport from customers finding us for the first time & also meeting those in store who have been part of our social media family for a long time, well anyway I hope you are smashing your goals so far for 2023 & keeping well x

Heres a few pics of the progression of the DIVINE DESIGN STORE












Its amazing what you are capable of achieving & acomplishing when your purpose & passion is aligned, when your ‘Why’ is at the forefront of what you do, it somehow makes the hard work easier, the sacrifice sweeter, & the results & success just that much more fufillling!

At Divine HQ we are a team of women with large vision & a heart for people, so when you engage with us we aim to provide the most caring & exceptional customer service, we have a story we are proud of & core values we wont compromise on. Our goal is to create a trusted NZ made brand while giving back to our comunity in many ways, some examples of this, with our most recent collection we are donating some of the profit margin to the Breast Cancer Foundation. We also partner with The Ministry of Social Develpment to provide employment oppourtunities.

We are very concious of our impacts on the environment as a small buisness & have created practices to limit our carbon footprint, for example we use mostly natural fibres in the production of our garments, all our packaging is compostable, & we donate fabric waste to pre-schools for crafts. The benefit of having a womens & childrens wear range we use our smaller off cuts for childrenswear, also we dont mass produce garments so we are not contributing to the fast fashion dilema.

Our brand is designed in Nelson by Sarah Daly & made currently onsite in the back of our retail store in The Richmond Mall by our talented team. We are proud to be authentically & ethically made here in NZ.  These are things we are proud to share with you,  when you buy from Divine you are supporting not only our dream but also buying local with a clear conscience & giving back to our NZ economy! win win all round right?

Thankyou for the support of our valued customers & all those who cheer us on, we are gateful for you & appreciate you so much xx


Photography by Momento Photograpy

Models Chyann Grooby & Iva Sauira

We loved being a stall holder at ‘The Great Christmas Market’ in Nelson this weekend, the atmosphere was a buzz with live tunes & happy shoppers out enjoying the summer vibes.

We were very fortunate to be situated right in front of the crepe stand so breakfast was delivered right to us & was amazing!!. Your purchases, kind feedback & support means the world to us, Thankyou

Love Sarah & Co xxx

Currently IN LOVE with this style & technique, the sweet gather the shirring technique creates, the comfort level of wearing something that will stretch to fit, or relax to fit. A total money saving bonus when you have kids that seem to grow overnight!! shirring creates a stretch that will ease between sizes!

You may wonder how is this look achieved?

Elastic thread, in the bobbin creates this beauty, then a steam iron to gather in a little more, & wallah!! perfection! look at it here with this 100% linen cloth – it is to die for!! & funny enough totally in vogue this season!! you’ll see this technique used in our latest collection, so when we say Shirred – this is it folks!! check out some of our summer dresses x

Have a nice day friends xx

Well I think after the year we’ve all had we are totally anticipating enjoying the blissful simplicity of summer! The sand between our toes, warm sunshine on our skin & those long light summer evenings, not to mention all the joys of the festive season! Holidays, Christmas, weddings, family time! its going to be a sweet season!

We are excited to share we have designed a fresh collection to take your little ones from the beach, to the party, to the wedding, even streetwear styles for your tweens & teens!

This collection is our best yet & we are so proud of all our wee NZ made brand has achieved this year, not only have we survived the covid storm – we have flourished amongst the challenge of it & continue to keep rising above. We couldn’t have done this without the loyalty & support of all you, our wonderful customers & friends. Thank you!!

A huge highlight has been seeing so many bubbas enjoying our delicious fur vests!

well let the summer dream begin, we leave you with our fav pic from our latest collection photoshoot & hope to hear from you again soon x

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