by Sarah Daly | Oct 22, 2020
A Summer Dream 2020 image

Well I think after the year we’ve all had we are totally anticipating enjoying the blissful simplicity of summer! The sand between our toes, warm sunshine on our skin & those long light summer evenings, not to mention all the joys of the festive season! Holidays, Christmas, weddings, family time! its going to be a sweet season!

We are excited to share we have designed a fresh collection to take your little ones from the beach, to the party, to the wedding, even streetwear styles for your tweens & teens!

This collection is our best yet & we are so proud of all our wee NZ made brand has achieved this year, not only have we survived the covid storm – we have flourished amongst the challenge of it & continue to keep rising above. We couldn’t have done this without the loyalty & support of all you, our wonderful customers & friends. Thank you!!

A huge highlight has been seeing so many bubbas enjoying our delicious fur vests!

well let the summer dream begin, we leave you with our fav pic from our latest collection photoshoot & hope to hear from you again soon x

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