by Sarah Daly | Mar 24, 2023
2023 The First Quarter image

Unbelievable to think we are fast approaching April, does anyone else feel like they blinked & missed the first 1/4 of the year!

Well an update from us we have been running since the 9th of Jan when we opened a pop up store in the local mall & moved out of the home garage! This was a big scary step for us & still is scary most days navigating the long staffing hours & covering the costs of running a retail store, but it is such a great step forward & im loving leaving the house to head out to work after working from home for about 10 years around my children. When we took the space it was a concrete shell but we are loving the process of making it look our own, its still a work in progress but we are so grateful for the local suport from customers finding us for the first time & also meeting those in store who have been part of our social media family for a long time, well anyway I hope you are smashing your goals so far for 2023 & keeping well x

Heres a few pics of the progression of the DIVINE DESIGN STORE












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